About Marc’s Server

First of all: The server resides in rackspace I was generously provided by my former employer Cirracore. They were kind enough to give me a lifetime of rock solid hosting on the house. Thank you.

My name is Marc, this website runs on my server.The server is a direct result of too much time in a windowless room surrounded by computers. I am far from a computer expert but my career involves me working with a lot of servers so I built one for myself, here it is. Since then it has been more or less a development box and serves no one specific purpose other than for me to tinker with.

For a while this domain was just a placeholder but someone asked me if I knew how to build a basic website (I had no clue) so I used the server to figure it out and my placeholder evolved into this feature rich notepad of a website. Since then If I’m trying something new or explaining to someone how; occasionally I’ll write it down as a post here to help anyone else who may need some assistance.

Such is the result of this page. I’m now showing a friend how the editor works while thinking of things to fill the page with after I just stupidly said “It’s super easy to generate original content!” (it’s not). “Whats that chain button do?” BAM, Hyperlinks! You need to choose select implement utilize better keyword choices for Search Engine Optimization, if that’s relevant to your goals. I’ve also just sidetracked into…

  • Bulletpoints
  • Colors
  • Allignment

…which is going to lead to me sending an email with a breakdown on basic website usage. I’ll post it to my blog and backlink it here if I remember (I’ll forget).

Thanks for visiting!

The experiment continues…