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Ramble: MattyCollector Hoverboard Criticism

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So I stumbled on a discussion about the upcoming MattyCollector Back to the Future Hoverboard toy/prop replica. The short of it is there are a number of complaints regarding the misrepresented accuracy of the final product in relation to the actual “Hero” movie prop. These guys take hoverboard fanaticism to the next level and I really respect that. Some of the stuff is over the top but the attention to detail is staggering. The fans feel misled, rants, ravings, and personal attacks are flying… cats and dogs getting married… People have too much time on their hands and I had an entertaining read as a result.


I have thoughts on this, even though I have no interest in purchasing one of the official replicas or even a replica replica. Continue reading Ramble: MattyCollector Hoverboard Criticism

New “old toy” Tuesday (Transformers Generations WheelJack, Thundercats Lion-O, G.I. Joe SkyStriker)

Today I ran across these three while out picking up some socks of all things. I’ve been on the hunt for the Transformers Generations Wheeljack since early summer. Had all but given up on finding one. The Classic Thundercats Lion-O was all alone and too cool to pass up. At that point my willpower was gone so I threw in the GI Joe Skystriker reissue. I’ve always regretted getting rid of my original and ever since hearing of a reissue I’ve been wanting another.


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Optimus vs. Megatron

Getting WordPress running on a Microsoft Server wasn’t that hard…

This was the background from the old Frontpage version of It was the only picture on my PC when I decided to test inserting/uploading images so here it is. Looks like I set the folder permissions correctly 🙂


*this was the first post on the new site. I was playing with my Delorean time machine so posts made after this one would be in chronological order relative to when they actually happened.