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MP-10 Masterpiece Optimus Prime V2 (Toys R Us Exclusive)

IMG_6041 (Small)

After lucking out on my first stop (thank you to my local TF club for the tip) I got the Toys R Us exclusive Masterpiece Optimus Prime version 2 and its worth every penny. Basically this is the Takara MP-10 with some very minor color differences. The packaging is amazing showing nearly everything you could ask for here… you still need to open it to fully appreciate how far this line has evolved so lets get on with it. Continue reading MP-10 Masterpiece Optimus Prime V2 (Toys R Us Exclusive)

Transformers ROTF Buster Optimus Prime

Here we have the awesome Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen Buster Optimus Prime by Takara. There isn’t really much to say that isn’t said better by this photo. The paint is so much better and more detailed than the regular Hasbro release, it has a unique head sculpt, and the fuel tanks form his blaster, and there is chrome plating. I got mine as a gift and I consider myself lucky and fortunate for it. Few pictures of my actual toy as it will be staying in the box. I already have the standard version and I might add some shots of it for comparison later. Until then, you can find plenty of detailed pics and reviews using any search. I’m feeling lazy today.