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MP-13 Masterpiece Soundwave (Toys R Us Exclusive)

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The newest US release Transformers Masterpiece figure is Soundwave and like the last few is also Toys R Us exclusive. For some reason the box says MP-02 but the figure is clearly a variant of Takara MP-13. I know Masterpiece Acid Storm who comes in the same case is labeled MP-01 but this makes little sense considering MP-10 Optimus, and even MP-08 Grimlock were released at TRU not all that long ago along with other retailer exclusives like Wal-Mart Starscream.

The short of it is Masterpiece Soundwave is excellent. I was skeptical that this guy could even be done as a worthwhile Masterpiece figure but the end result has exceeded my expectations. As a bonus you not only get Soundwave but 5 of his cassette minions and some other neat accessories seen in the G1 transformers cartoon. Everything is solid in every configuration, certainly a must have if you are into this type of adult collectable. More pics and commentary below the cut.

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