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How To: Install XBian on Raspberry Pi (XBMC)


I started playing with the XBMC builds made specifically for the Raspberry Pi recently. The entire installation process is fairly simple. Be aware most of this software is beta so you should expect some issues now and then. Since the software is free you really cant complain.

Don’t want to do it yourself? I’ll build you one.

I’ve previously covered the traditional Windows PC installation of XBMC here. There are three main XBMC variations that the community seems to prefer for the Raspberry Pi; XBian, Raspbmc, and OpenELEC. This time I will be covering a method to install XBian onto the Raspberry Pi for the purposes of creating a simple media center appliance. XBian is just one variation of many pre-built 3rd party distributions of XBMC available and I’ll be covering the other two main branches in later posts.

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