The pocket bike chronicles volume 1

Brought out the old 2002 X3 49cc 2 stroke pocket bike after several years of inactivity.

It ran great for half a tank of gas then it died. Nothing I tried seemed to resuscitate it. I determined the problem was 2 strokes suck shit so I got a 110cc 4 stroke midbike to replace it.


The new bike is a 2010 X19 and has a Loncin 110cc 4-Stroke engine, 4 speed manual transmission, hydraulic disc brakes (an improvement over the previous bikes cable actuated stoppers), speedometer, digital gear indicator, lights, turn signals, better suspension, etc… It goes about 50 MPH after cutting an inch of the carb slide off and is extremely fun to ride. I do not regret buying it at all. Eventually I hope to make it even faster and more dangerous, but for now I’ll just enjoy annoying my neighbors and giving their kids something to envy.

Here is a quick vid showing its amazing power and speed. (sarcasm)

I also met a guy who has a FS516 Mini Chopper he is rebuilding. Its got the same 110cc engine but is a semi-automatic.