Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise – Arcee

Got this the other day. She is one of my new favorite truly playable figures and my second TF Prime RID deluxe. The transformation is so simple which usually is a bad thing, but in this case it really works to the toys advantage.

It’s not the same level of awesome as say a masterpiece but those are a totally different type of fun. Being so simple and easy means you can spend more time enjoying the two modes which are stellar even with the back kibble.

Alternate mode


Although the bike mode isn’t exactly the best ever (TFTM Arcee wins here), it still manages to look almost exactly like the much more complex TF Prime First Edition Arcee and does so without unneeded effort. It’s actually quite shocking to me that the TF Prime RID line is turning out to be more fun overall than the seemingly cooler looking FE versions which I find far more fragile and finicky. I may be in the minority but I dare say that RID Arcee looks better and more screen accurate in bot mode than her FE counterpart.

If you want something you can swap modes and have natural poses just happen without trying; take a good look at TF Prime RID series. Specifically Arcee and Wheeljack.

More pictures below

20120309-195704.jpg 20120309-195652.jpg 20120309-195712.jpg