Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise – Wheeljack

It’s no surprise that Transformers Prime: Robots in Disguise Wheeljack is an excellent figure. Out of the gate Hasbro had a winner on their hands. The show is well done, the characters are well-developed, and the toys are following in the trend.


Wheeljack has always been one of my favorite Transformers characters. Heck the guy created the Dinobots in G1, essentially the father of the most BAMF of them all; Grimlock. Wheeljack is the only Transformer I would choose to collect above Optimus Prime and I wasn’t going to start collecting this line unless I could find the updated version. To me its fitting that he is the first TF Prime RID figure I came across.

When I found out last year Hasbro was bringing him back as Generations Wheeljack for the Transformers Generations toy line I had to find the update. This one was no different.

Granted the First Edition TF Prime figures left a lot of the fans disappointed when it was canceled before widespread US release, but I’m starting to see what Hasbro is trying to do here. The TF Prime RID toys are very playable, solid and feature rich. Wheeljack for example is near spot on to his animation model while simultaneously being simple enough for all ages and demographics. Extremely pose-able and easy to transform while retaining just enough wow factor to satisfy even the most die hard fan.

New to the character are the dual swords. I like the evolution even though it’s obviously more like the Drift character than Wheeljack. The swords can store on his back like on the show, on his shoulders, on the underside and front of car mode. I don’t care for the front mounted weapons but your mileage may vary.

The car mode is very well executed and solid. Based closely on his G1 model, very little gives away the fact that an awesome kick ass robot unfolds from within. More pictures below.

20120309-202908.jpg 20120309-204928.jpg 20120309-202936.jpg 20120309-202851.jpg 20120309-202921.jpg