How To: Windows Network Shares


Windows 7 Network Shares: how to

SMB shares (windows network share) Smb://ComputerName/ShareName/

On a Windows 7 PC navigate to the folder you want to share and right click it. For this example I will use the Windows default locations for Music and Videos.


Choose specific people you wish to share with and the level of control. For the local machine the user sharing the folder will have Owner (full control). For other PC’s in your home you need to have identical user accounts and passwords otherwise you must add “everyone” to the people to share with and give that group at least “Read” permission. Be aware that after these steps all contents of the shared folder will be visible to everyone on your local network.


Select “Share” and you should see the following confirmation window after a few moments


Using an explorer window, navigate to the location of your network share which might be similar to: smb://ComputerName/…/Music/ and/or smb://ComputerName/…/Videos/