MP-10 Masterpiece Optimus Prime V2 (Toys R Us Exclusive)

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After lucking out on my first stop (thank you to my local TF club for the tip) I got the Toys R Us exclusive Masterpiece Optimus Prime version 2 and its worth every penny. Basically this is the Takara MP-10 with some very minor color differences. The packaging is amazing showing nearly everything you could ask for here… you still need to open it to fully appreciate how far this line has evolved so lets get on with it.

MP10 is an interesting piece in that it is a redesign of the first Masterpiece figure, MP01 which I posted about a few years back. I love the original and it still holds its spot as the best Transformer ever made but this one is pretty close. If it wasn’t for my bias this would be better, and in all honestly it is. The robot is better looking, the truck mode is better looking, it comes with better accessories… but it is essentially a remake which puts it in 2nd place on my shelf.

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That being said, this guy kicks ass. My two favorite aspects of this aside from the obvious are the inclusion of Roller and Spike.  Roller fits inside the included trailer and also has some minor transformation that allows it to both tow Primes trailer as well as carry the legendary Ion Blaster. Spike is barely poseable but its enough to allow him to fit in Optimus cab in truck mode and in any of Rollers seats which is pretty much all you need here.

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Speaking of the Ion Blaster… It folds up and can fit inside of Optimus back. Sure it might be just a tad too small however if any larger this feature would be impossible. I’m OK with the compromise as its a barely noticeable flaw. MP10 also includes the energon axe that the first figure had only this time its much easier to attach.

Yes its a bit smaller than the original however Masterpiece Optimus now scales much better with the other figures in the masterpiece line as can be seen in the comparison photos. The figure has all the articulation you’d expect with something of this caliber. Its also much more dynamic looking in any pose and easier to hold a pose due to the smaller size and lighter weight. Its a tradeoff and personal preference plays a big part in how the lack of diecast detracts from the overall feel of the toy. At first it bothered me but after a while I stopped thinking about it. The positives far outweigh the negatives.

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In truck mode this guy is hands down the best version of Prime to date. It is practically seamless, the detail is astounding, and its just so slick looking and imposing.  The trailer opens up to reveal the familiar turret and tech stations and can even stand upright to be some sort of repair station for Prime or any other figure of this size. The pictures say more than I ‘ll be able to write so I’ll keep it brief: If you have the chance I strongly suggest you buy one.

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