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How To: pfSense on VMWare ESXi5 host

This one is really easy for me to write out because I found a great how to guide at pfSense.org.

Here you go: PfSense 2 on VMware ESXi 5

The how to will walk you through the install and setup of a virtual firewall using pfSense and VMWare ESXi5. This will allow for layer 3  routing and firewall capabilities in a vSphere host. Typically a vSphere host is limited to Layer 2 networking.

pfSense is a free, open source software firewall based on a customized FreeBSD distribution. It has many features that you can check out on their respective websites. pfSense installs with minimal resource needs onto a disk or flash media, in the VM example to follow it takes less than 8GB of space and 512Mb of RAM.

I walked through the steps setting up the VMWare host in a previous post, and how to configure a virtual machine in another post. I will assume you already have a host running and a basic understanding of network addressing. If you can configure your home router you should be capable of getting this up and running in no time at all.

How To: VMWare ESXi5 Basic setup


I’m going to show the quick and easy installation of VMWare’s hypervisor, in this case ESXi5. ESXi5 is the foundation to building a cloud platform. This is a bare metal hypervisor which means it installs directly onto the host machines hardware. You may need to check compatibility but in most instances it will install on any machine so long as the minimum requirements are met. You can find specific answers and helpful links on the VMWare site and elsewhere fully explaining its features. The current FAQ is located here.

Lets get started.

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