WordPress CMS

I’m writing this intending to come back later and add more information.


This website is currently being served by utilizing the WordPress content management system (CMS). That’s like Windows to Android to Apple. Alternative CMS such as Joomla, Drupal, and TikiWiki are similar to WordPress in the website delivery but each has its own unique advantages over the other that may matter to your specific needs. I had no specific needs aside from a single page blogroll and thought the WordPress platform would be quick and easy enough to set up and use.

While my particular application was very difficult to set up originally, today it is practically a one-click setup to get this up and running. For me I just run the Microsoft Web Platform Installer, search for WordPress, and it does the rest.

I am a complete amateur with this type of thing and have zero experience or success. My goal is to give you some scope of what is involved with managing a modern website.

First off; Permalinks. You can find the setting for this under Settings > Permalinks when logged into the administration panel. Its better to use them so pick a version that you like as long as its not the random default style. This will make backlinks and SEO more effective if the link address is descriptive of the page/post content.

WordPress Plugins: These are like apps for your website and they make it much easier to accomplish critical things. Chances are someone has already made a plugin to do what you want. Just go Here and search for it or use Google to find other solutions. Lets install the WordPress Jetpack Plugin for starters.

Jetpack is a basic but diverse plugin. It offers lots of help such as a contact form and link tools. I use it for the basic traffic and stat monitor but disable the contact form feature and use the Contact Form 7 Plugin instead.

From the WordPress Admin panel select “Plugins” Plugins then “Add New” add new. You will have the option to search so type in Jetpack. Choose Install Now, then activate the Plugin. Jetpack will require you to register with WordPress before it can fully activate. Once registered you will see site visitor data within 20 minutes.